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Should Students Be Required to Take Drug Tests?

More freedom, less adult supervision, and greater stress often add up to wild weekends drinking with friends. What’s intended to be innocent fun can turn into dangerous situations that could even be life-threatening. Being more proactive in teaching young people about the risks of drugs and alcohol is vital.

Young people wondering how to pass a drug test have a variety of options available. Ultimately, it comes down to how we answer the important questions that will enable the pro and cons to drug testing in schools. With schools across the country tightening their budgets, the added expense of drug testing can be daunting for struggling school systems. Sharon Levy of the American Academy of Pediatrics estimates only 1 positive for every 125 students tested, thus equating to a cost of around $3,000 for each positive result.

I think that drug testing in college is ok if the students agree. It is a good way to prepare for real world jobs that actually have this. This should not be done in high school or middle school because they have a while to go before they reach the age were they can get a job that does this. And they would retest, and originally, it would have been about 45 days later. It would not be until a second or even a third bad test that they would seriously be considered to be forced out of the college. Additionally, students become accustomed to surrendering their constitutional rights at an early age, making them more tolerant of rights abuses and further invasions of privacy in their later lives.

  • There needs to be something less intrusive in the students’ lives that will provide more accurate results.
  • I don’t think they should be required for college admissions.
  • Among the more controversial solutions to help protect children against foreign entities invading the education a facility, teachers and school administers want to have access to drug testing for students.
  • It is your right as a student to speak up against injustice and peacefully protest school policies.
  • Treatment and prevention should remain the top priority – with or without a complementary drug testing program.
  • Now some states have proposed tightening welfare eligibility, in part to deal with limited state budgets — one emerging favorite, requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test.

Contact the local press and let them know what is going on in your school and why you think this is unfair. Arrange a meeting with the editorial board of your local newspaper to express your views. Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed eco sober house review piece to your local newspaper. Enlist the help of a sympathetic teacher or other school staff member. A teacher or staff member can be an invaluable resource in navigating the system and understanding how you can initiate change.

Drug Testing High School Students

Some sacrifice of human rights is necessary to tackle the drug problem. There is an interesting proposal that allegedly comes with certain safeguards in place to provide checks and balances to ensure there is no profiling or prejudices when it comes to the idea of drug testing in schools. Among the more controversial solutions to help protect children against foreign entities invading the education a facility, teachers and school administers want to have access to drug testing for students. Of course, while this may be a benign approach to helping children, many parents find it directly affects the child. Drug testing can be performed as a standard procedure, such as prior to hiring an applicant for a job. Some schools drug test teachers and have found positive results.

should students be required to take drug tests

Sometimes arresting a child in school because they had contact with illicit drugs because of their parents or guardians would likely cause a considerable stir within the public’s opinion of the school. There would be no way to protect that child from public exposure today because every child with access to a smartphone would have the incident immediately uploaded on social media. There needs to be something less intrusive in the students’ lives that will provide more accurate results. Because drug testing children in schools would need a baseline and that is not a small obstacle to overcome.

Testing Information

These days, more and more schools are testing kids for drug use. The theory is that if students know they might be tested, they’ll just say no to drugs. Unfortunately, what these schools don’t realize is that drug testing is NOT the answer to their drug problems.

should students be required to take drug tests

ACLU state affiliates in Louisiana, New York, Northern California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington have also put together terrific guides to student rights that you should check out. Parents across the country should not be concerned if their school begins a drug-testing program if it is “properly planned and then implemented,” Professor Huang said. In such cases, she said, it has the potential to work as prevention. I think this is good so that people wont do things that they will be embarrased for latter in life.

This program can also help so that people who do abuse drugs can find help, and eventually stop abusing drugs. But national studies show welfare recipients are actually less likely to abuse drugs than the general population, a fact welfare recipient Elexis Martinez Aragon says is overlooked. In Colorado, welfare recipients would need to pay for the drug test. A urine drug test measures the chemicals excreted when drugs are metabolized. Different substances have vastly different rates of metabolism, so some indicators disappear from the urine quickly, while others can last up to 100 days.

Student Drug Testing Defined

Devoting efforts to this holistic approach might, in the long run, stop more kids from partaking in illicit drugs. It will probably result in less drug abuse by the students if they don’t want to be punished for their actions. It is discouraging drug use in the school environment, which can be helpful to students because it is helping to protect their health. If the school feels that drugs are a big problem, they should definately drug test the students.

should students be required to take drug tests

This university is a top liberal arts school with a 10 percent acceptance rate. If a prestigious school like this one can function and thrive on a test-optional policy, I see no problem with other colleges doing the same. More and more students are trashing their prep books and applying test-optional to colleges amidst the pandemic. Keep up eco sober house complaints with changing drug laws – check out the ACLU Drug Policy Litigation Project to learn more and keep up-to-date. Consider writing a formal complaint with signatures from other students and teachers to distribute to the members of the School Board. Get all the facts about who is being tested and why by acquiring a copy of the written policy.

Some students could be using steroids to enhance their ability and this is wrong. I believe students should be required to take drug tests at random, not just athletes. This will cause students to be more cautious about partying on weekends. Teachers should be screened for drug tests also, so that the entire school is drug free.

And enforcing the random drug testing system into public schools across the United States sends the right message about drugs. Using drugs, especially at a young age, extremely harms your health and is completely wrong. Children have to realize that it is never OK to do drug and that they will never get away with it.

Just Say No to Random Drug Testing: A Guide for Students

The issue gained national attention recently when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney endorsed the concept. Performing a self-test prior to scheduled testing to determine if you will pass or to defend against false positives. The ready availability of synthetic urine or other methods to change drug test results.

We offer both urine and hair drug testing panels that screen for a wide variety of known and unknown substances. Offender monitoring, drug testing including, is an everyday occurrence for people who have court order drug testing included in their treatment or offensive lists. Along with this, it can sometimes be the case where only the students who do well with taking tests actually score well on them. Or those who are only provided certain resources and programs do well. This means that students in poorer schools aren’t given as much of a chance to be successful. The majority of government officials and school administrators believe that standardized testing is beneficial for both students and schools.

At the other end of things, 16 percent of the white students, but 44 percent of African American students were not close to meeting the standard. Scores can show if there is an achievement gap among students due to race, income, or disabilities. Find out when your School Board meets and the process for getting on the agenda to speak at meetings. In most cases, you cannot just show up and speak at a meeting. Start a letter writing campaign to your School Board representatives and other locally elected officials. Just as lobbyists put pressure on members of Congress, students can put pressure on their School Board to advocate for change.

US Drug Test Centers Blog/News

There are professional products available, including mouth rinses, detoxifying chewing gum, and hair treatments or shampoos, to combat these techniques and help maintain your privacy. The debate will remain actively argued, but state standardized tests will be sticking around. Even so, due to Covid-19, many states are temporarily changing their requirements regarding standardized tests for certain graduating classes. SATs and ACTs are best for students whose GPA or grades do not correctly express their academic ability. These tests provide a way for a student to show college admission boards their full range of skills. ST. LOUIS — A federal appeals court today found that requiring college students to take a drug test as a condition of enrollment violates the U.S.

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be done through a variety of methods, using samples that include urine or a few strands of hair. Common drugs tested for include marijuana, cocaine, steroids, opiates and amphetamines. Alcohol is not a substance that can be detected using standard drug testing procedures, since the substance does not stay in the body long enough to show up in test results. Current use of alcohol can be tested by breathalyzers and other testing methods. I think drug testing on students is an invasion f privacy and should not be done. Although if a student is on a sports team i feel they should.

In high schools all across America, students are stressed about taking the SATs, ACTs, and graduation requirement standardized tests. And this — I’m not — I wouldn’t be a good influence on my children. Utah passed a law this month requiring those on public assistance to take drug tests.

SAT and ACT tests are my main problem with the idea of standardized tests. I don’t think they should be required for college admissions. Teachers often feel pressured to make sure their students do well on standardized tests, so it isn’t uncommon for some to actually teach to the test. Rather than learning material super well, students are learning how to take the test that they must pass either for graduation or to move on to the next level. Even though there are many benefits, there are still opponents to standardized tests. Many are students who believe that they add too much stress to their already stressful lives.

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