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Stock Market Highlights: Sensex Ends At Fresh Record High, Nifty Closes Above 13,850 Led By Banks And Metals

The first era was between 1944 and 1971, when the world saved in U.S. dollars, backed by gold at a redeemable rate of $35 per ounce. The second era was 1971 to 2022, when the world saved when it could in U.S. treasuries, with unquenchable demand for American financial instruments spurred on by the petrodollar and eurodollar systems. The third era, according to Pozsar, will be marked by governments moving away from a reliance on the dollar from both a stock and a flow perspective. When G7 nations froze nearly $400 billion of Russia’s central bank reserves, the global financial order began to change.

It’s worth noting that Gleb Naumenko is far from the only Bitcoin developer caught in the current conflict. The creator of the popular Simple Bitcoin Wallet, Anton Kumaigorodski, is a Ukrainian developer who took up arms to defend his country. Hennadii Stepanov, a developer supported by Brink, a London-based nonprofit, also hails importance of sdlc from Ukraine. In the summer of 2017, while he was in Dubai, Aleksey stumbled upon Bitcoin accidentally. He had obtained a master’s degree in economics back in Crimea but wasn’t happy about the framework it provided. Aleksey is a big fan of Stephan Livera’s podcasts, which focus on Austrian economics and anarcho-capitalism.

In the 1940s, as a result of FDR’s Executive Order 6102, gold was illegal for Americans to own, so they couldn’t easily save into a better money. If financial repression continues to persist, value will continue to flow in bitcoin’s direction. This will become especially pronounced in emerging markets and authoritarian regimes, whose currencies are much weaker and less trusted by international bond markets than the dollar. This was, she said, the amount the state accused the FBK of laundering. The government began blocking the bank accounts of various foundations, even those only very loosely connected to the FBK.


So as Ukrainian technologists, Crimean educators and Russian activists increasingly flock to Bitcoin, they may be early and major beneficiaries of a great global shift at the expense of the powers that be. At the end of the day, the spread of Bitcoin worldwide puts power back in the hands of individuals and takes it away from governments and corporations. “Maybe,” she said, “they’ll create a Chivo, and force people to use that,” referring to the Salvadoran state-run Bitcoin app, which requires ID and has raised questions of surveillance and money printing. For her first two years at the FBK, Chekhovich lived and worked in Moscow. After doing odds and ends, she ended up leading the financial team and now serves as the organization’s financial director.

The most common way is by word input but you can also use your browser’s search box and bookmarklets . Customers can login and view their account copy, outstanding details with few clicks. China reported the outbreak of novel coronavirus on December 31, 2019.

This mobilized worldwide and domestic support against Putin’s operations in Ukraine, but the conflict’s toll on citizens remained enormous. In 2014, Ukraine’s GDP shrunk by 6.6% and by another 10% in 2015. The War in the Donbas claimed more than 14,000 lives before February 2022. Going back to the beginnings of recorded history, Plokhy begins with the geography of the Dnipro river, a symbol of the nation, mentioned in Ukraine’s national anthem.

Market Movers

Boris Yeltsin’s government at the time tried to clarify that Crimea and the Donbas region were “areas of contention,” presaging the conflicts of today. But on December 1, 1991, 90% of Ukrainians supported independence, with 99% in Western Ukraine, but 83% in Donetsk and even 54% in Crimea. The USSR flag was brought down in Moscow and the Russian tricolor was raised up. In April 1986, the worst nuclear disaster in history happened in Ukraine, less than 70 miles north of Kyiv at Chernobyl. The plant was largely run by Russian apparatchiks, not Ukrainian engineers. As Plokhy tells it, the explosion released 50 million curies of radiation, the equivalent of 500 Hiroshima bombs.


”At Hero Electric, we’ve always believed that to solve last-mile delivery connectivity, the best option is to go electric. In the endeavour to drive the same, we have many partners who help not only businesses but also consumers with an affordable and efficient solution. RSS feed is a XML file that provides summaries, including links to the full versions of the content.It is available through RSS feed reader or through some browsers. It will show you what’s new since the last time you checked the feed, without having to visit the website.

This all changed that March, when one of her friends invited her to attend a big protest in Moscow. She heard there was “some politician named Navalny who released a video about Dmitry Medvedev,” Build Basic Android Apps With Java who was serving as the president of Russia. With regard to Mr. Putin, Bornyakov alleges that the Russian government is using cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions but not in a big way.

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He estimates that more than 100,000 Ukrainians left the country with cryptocurrency and acknowledges how useful it is as a refugee technology. In the days immediately following the invasion, Zelenskyy’s government allied with Ukrainian entrepreneur Michael Chobanian to start a historic effort to raise funds in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The initiative was posted by the government’s official @Ukraine Twitter handle on February 26, 2022, and would end up attracting tens of millions of dollars worth of digital currencies.


This is an RSS feed from the Bombay Stock Exchange website. This RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest SENSEX values on continuous basis.

The day after the invasion, Naumenko tweeted a link to support the Ukrainian army with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He received many replies, with more than a few calling him a warmonger. From a “flow” perspective, Pozsar says energy markets will start to be priced in other currencies.

Market Statistics

On Monday, Chinese officials said the death toll has climbed to 2,592, while the total number of confirmed cases increased to over 77,000. US stocks plummeted last night with Dow Jones down over 1,000 points as spike in new coronavirus cases beyond China spooked investors. BSE benchmark Sensex tanked 807 points in line with massive selloffs in global equities.

China and India have both discussed pricing energy sales in yuan and rupees, and Russia’s demands that its energy be bought in rubles, while not entirely effective, are significant. As Pozsar argues, once the transaction itself is priced in another currency, then the related contracts, insurance and derivatives start to be priced in other currencies, too. “They will never let the public fully use a currency that the state does not control,” she said. “They’ve realized that cryptocurrency is a weapon in the hands of independent media and activists and that it can help ruin the regime,” she added. He explained such moves as inevitable in dying fiat currency systems like the hryvnia, as government officials struggle with citizens trying to convert soft money into harder money.

Naumenko recently helped CNBC send a bitcoin donation from Miami to a Ukrainian refugee in Poland in less than three minutes. The process was captured on video and shared with the world to show the power of peer-to-peer aid. Bitcoin is being used at the micro level by both Russians and Ukrainians. It is also likely to play a major role in the world financial system moving forward at the macro level, as a direct result of Putin’s invasion. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have fled their country since the invasion.

Bornyakov thinks change has been expedited in Ukraine because of certain cultural factors. Citizens are already used to using “shake phones” or apps, where they tap phones together to make payments, instead of cards, he said. Locals are, in other words, ready for financial innovation. Bornyakov did not go that far in our conversation, but he did say he thought the growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency use in wartime Ukraine are glimmers of a new global future. Previous efforts at independence had failed, but now Ukraine was finally a country.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. DHFL | Voting on DHFL resolution plans is likely to start tonight. Sources tell CNBC-TV18 that the resolution plans from all 4 suitors, ema forex Oaktree, Piramal, Adani and SC Lowy, will be voted on. Oaktree and Piramal are seen neck and neck; claim to offer the best proposal. Both have increased their bids by Rs 1,700 crore last week.

  • Earlier, the CoC would vote on the highest plan under the insolvency and bankruptcy code .
  • These dictionaries are the result of the work of many authors who worked very hard and finally offered their product free of charge on the internet thus making it easier to all of us to communicate with each other.
  • China and India have both discussed pricing energy sales in yuan and rupees, and Russia’s demands that its energy be bought in rubles, while not entirely effective, are significant.

Recently, Navalny’s team has also launched an “inflation tracker,” to show how the prices of goods have skyrocketed in Russia in recent months. Stock Market Highlights | The Indian equity benchmark indices, Sensex and Nifty ended at fresh record levels on Monday led by gains in banking, metals and realty stocks amid positive global cues. Broader markets outperformed the benchmarks with Nifty Midcap100 and Smallcap100 ending more than 1 percent higher each. Barring Nifty Pharma, all the other sectoral indices ended in the green. Credit Suisse analyst and money market expert Zoltan Pozsar has called this new era Bretton Woods III, contrasting it to Bretton Woods I and II.

Indian Indices

She said this was the goal of the regime, which didn’t want to deal with the messiness around an arrest. Two months after she fled, police came and searched her apartment. Her friends, who had been using her flat, told her all about it. When I asked Chekhovich if she could go back home to Russia, she said — with disbelief in her voice that I even would pose the question — no, of course not.

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RSI on the weekly and the daily is above 70 indicating strong momentum when it is seen with ADX which indicates a strong trend. Any dips to 13,750-13,800 would indicate buying opportunities. Ms. Sheikh was in Texas as part of the Youth Exchange Study Programme, our thoughts and prayers are with Sabika’s family and friends.

When I spoke to Bornyakov in early April, he told me that assistance began coming in through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from individuals worldwide faster than aid from any government. As of late April 2022, the FBK had received 658 BTC in total and smaller amounts of a variety of other cryptocurrencies. On average, these gifts have accounted for around 10–15% of all FBK monthly donations.

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